Sea turtles are animals increasingly threatened with extinction due to factors such as marine litter, accidental fishing and urban sprawl in coastal areas, and unfortunately, it has not been different here on the Kenyan Coast.  


From Hawksbill to Green Turtles, we have seen a drastic population decline in our seas. It is vital to continue to protect and carry out interventions to ensure turtles keep coming back. Our Turtle Protection Program goal is to promote the protection of sea turtles by developing research, conservation and social inclusion actions to increase the growth of their populations.


Our Turtle Protection Program works closely with Kuruwitu Conservation and Welfare CBO and Bureni Turtle Watch, an enthusiastic group of community members involved in turtle protection interventions, to carry out patrols on the beaches. This ensures safety for turtles nesting on our beaches.

In collaboration with Bureni Turtle Watch, we have trained 12 fishermen who watch over 10 km of the beach at the Kuruwitu Co-Management area. The objective is to ensure that the turtles' nests are safe and when hatched, as many turtle babies as possible reach the sea. The turtle guards also collect garbage from the beach so it doesn't impede nesting.

Turtle in the Reef
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Sea Turtle
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From regrowing coral reefs to setting up new MPAs, your donation helps push conservation to new limits in the Kenyan coast.


Adopt a coral

Help our work to restore essential marine corals by adopting a coral table. Your support ensures the nurturing and protection of baby corals until they have grown enough to be re-planted out with the wild coral of the reef.