Having been instrumental in the creation of the first Localy Managed Marine Area (LMMA/Tengefu) in the Western Indian Ocean in 2006, we are using the experience we have gained over the years to catalyse the rapidly growing community-led movement. Countless coastal communities rely on the marine environment for their livelihoods. Oceans Alive recognises that for life above the surface to flourish, we must also nurture and protect the life beneath it.


 The original LMMA in Kuruwitu, initiated by the Kuruwitu Conservation and Welfare Association was originally designed to be a temporary closure to address a near collapse in the local fishery. It has been so successful in conserving biodiversity, enhancing resilience, and improving the surrounding fishery that it still remains a no-take zone today. It has become a model that started a locally-led movement with over 40 LMMA's having started having been directly inspired by its effectiveness in restoring fisheries. These protected areas act as natural investment policies for community livelihoods, alternative income-generating areas through eco-tourism and are also are sites for education and research. 


A major part of our conservation pillar Oceans Alive is setting up new Tengefu’s all along the Kilifi coastline within the Co-Managed areas. We are working together with County and State fisheries and in doing so helping to create the international movement to protect 30% of our oceans by 2030 using the Kuruwitu model as a living classroom